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12 Unique Romantic Gifts You Can Actually Afford

Valentine's day is considered one of the most romantic days of the entire year. However, romance is interpreted differently for everyone. Regardless of your take on romance, it's worth celebrating with someone you love, especially with unique Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Valentine's Day Gift

For some people, Valentines isn’t the biggest occasion, but it wouldn’t hurt to spend at least one day of the year celebrating the love you have for someone. For those who aren’t too big on somewhat tacky traditions of red roses, and chocolates, then you will love the unique and...

Flower Anniversary Gifts by Year

Flower Gold Rose

An anniversary celebration is never complete without flowers. Like other anniversary gifts, anniversary flower gifts by year each have special meaning. Work and wedding anniversaries are celebrated with the same symbolic flower gifts each anniversary year, with meanings applied according to occasion, such as time on a job or time in a marriage.

Whether you are shopping for wedding anniversary flowers, work anniversary flowers, or flowers to commemorate any other type of anniversary, the chart below will help you pick the perfect flower gift for each year. 

Year, Flower, and Meaning