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Article: Golden Rose

Golden Rose

Golden Rose


Show your girlfriend your romantic side and give her one of our gorgeous golden roses. It's not an ordinary flower that withers within a few days. We preserve roses in the real gold, so the flower keeps its fresh look for years. Our finest craftsmen take care of every detail, ensuring the rose will put a smile on your partner's face. If you're wondering what makes golden roses so unique, this article is just for you!


Open Your Heart And The Rose Will Follow

Roses are probably the most renown symbol of love in the west. It's an ideal present that will make your girlfriend feel like a princess and show her your affection that will last an eternity. Fully bloomed rose surprises people with its extraordinary character that gracefully presents itself on every special occasion.


Except for their magical character of love, beauty and sensitivity, their thorns remind people of their other (painful) side. It's probably the only flower that encapsulates those two extremely opposite characteristics. And it's not without the reason that roses have saturated with such deep meanings of love, and are considered perfect presents for women.


There's a traditional legend in some cultures that says you have a rose inside your heart. When you open your heart, the rose follows, blossoming within your heart, and opening its petals. So open your heart, and the rose will follow.


The Symbol Of Women

Women love flowers, there's no doubt about that. But what's made roses so deeply embodied in our culture? It almost seems like roses were made for women. It's not, in fact, far from the truth. Roses have been present in western culture for centuries. The flower has its roots in ancient Greek mythology. It's associated with the Goddess of love and beauty - Aphrodite It showed itself for the first time coming out of the foaming sea. What's interesting about it is the fact that the sea is a symbol of woman's power.

Since ancient times roses have been associated with women and love. Men were gifting women those beautiful flowers for many years as symbols of their devotion. They've been present in the literature countless times in poems and romances. Can you think of a better gift?


Gold not only gives special meaning to your rose but also preserves it. The golden colour is often associated with luxury, abundance, and prosperity. In this particular sense, it means eternal love and devotion. Why? The regular rose perishes after a couple of days, and the only thing you can do is to throw it away. The preserved rose not only shows the extra effort you do for someone to show your true feelings, but also their immortality.

Bottom line

So? Are you looking for a perfect gift for your partner? No matter if it's Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding or any other occasion. There are hundreds of happy customers who were astonished by the quality of our flowers. Visit and choose one for you!

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