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Valentine Gift Ideas

As Valentine's Day approaches, the same question starts to appear every year. "What should I buy her to make her happy?". You don't want to buy something cheesy and predictable. You'd probably want to make the best possible impression on your partner so that the day feels special and unique. Lovepicker is giving you some ideas so that you can pick something that'll put a smile on your partner's face!


Before You Start

Choosing presents for a special occasion like Valentine's day can be troublesome. Before you start, bear...

Golden Rose

Golden Rose


Show your girlfriend your romantic side and give her one of our gorgeous golden roses. It's not an ordinary flower that withers within a few days. We preserve roses in the real gold, so the flower keeps its fresh look for years. Our finest craftsmen take care of every detail, ensuring the rose will put a smile on your partner's face. If you're wondering what makes golden roses so unique, this article is just for you!


Open Your Heart And The Rose Will Follow

Roses are probably the most renown symbol...

Gold Dipped Rose

Gold Dipped Rose



Every woman's looking for a romantic man. Sometimes it's challenging for a man to show it appropriately. Of course, nothing's better than showing your true intentions, and that you care about her through simple acts. However, gifts help as well. Every woman likes unexpected gifts. It means the man is thinking about her and is willing to go the extra mile to show her his feelings.

Sometimes, however, an ordinary rose isn't sufficient. That's when the gold dipped rose comes into play. If you want to know what's so special...

Gold Roses

If you're looking for a present for Christmas/Valentine's day or any other occasion, the best gifts you can buy are Gold Roses. Such a gift not only will make an impression on your partner but also make the occasion unforgettable.

There's no doubt that women love flowers. But have you ever wondered what's the symbolic meaning of this popularized flower? What does make gold roses so perfect for a present?

 Article Summary: In this interesting article, we will talk about gold roses and its importance in showing your love to your...

24K Gold Rose

Are you choosing a gift for your partner? Or maybe you want to buy a birthday present for your mom? Choosing the right present for the person you love can be time-consuming. But you don't have to spend countless hours looking for the right gift. We have an idea of what you can buy so the event will be unforgettable, and your girlfriend delighted like never before!

Recently, there's been a new trend with gold roses. Well, it's not so recent since roses have been used as gifts for many years in...