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Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition Articles

12 Unique Romantic Gifts You Can Actually Afford

Valentine's day is considered one of the most romantic days of the entire year. However, romance is interpreted differently for everyone. Regardless of your take on romance, it's worth celebrating with someone you love, especially with unique Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Valentine's Day Gift

For some people, Valentines isn’t the biggest occasion, but it wouldn’t hurt to spend at least one day of the year celebrating the love you have for someone. For those who aren’t too big on somewhat tacky traditions of red roses, and chocolates, then you will love the unique and...

8 Everlasting Wedding Gifts You'll Love Forever

Fine China Plates

When you receive an invitation to a wedding, you put a lot of time and thought into buying the perfect gift that will last throughout the lifetime of the engaged couple. Perhaps you are busy planning your own wedding and wonder what to include on your gift registries. After all, it is a lot of work to create a new home and you want to ensure that you register for practical and high-quality gifts as well as those with special meaning to you and your fiancé. Whichever position you find yourself in, you cannot go...

7th Year Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love

7th Year Anniversary Gift 

In the seventh year of marriage, there are some traditional and modern themes which can provide great ideas for surprising your loved one with the perfect expression of your caring. Add a personal touch by choosing styles and colors which appeal to you, and to your partner.

Copper Set Gift

Traditional Theme

At the traditional end of the spectrum, seventh year gift ideas often include copper for U.S. partners and wool for those in the United Kingdom. Copper expresses some wonderful ideals, such as beauty, strength, flexibility, and passion, all of which are excellent...

6th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

A wedding anniversary is a wonderful time for couples to celebrate their love and growing affection after their time together. After six years, it is fit for a husband and wife to present each other with a gift which expresses the depth of devotion and affection they feel towards one another.

It can be quite difficult for you to come up with a gift idea at the drop of a hat. Also, the thought of topping the celebration of the previous year's milestone 5-year anniversary can be quite daunting when you very limited ideas.

5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition

The 5th year anniversary is a major milestone for any couple. It signifies that the couple has successfully moved past the honeymoon stage and built a solid foundation to stand on for many years to come. As such, it deserves to be celebrated properly and with the right gift for the occasion.

Daisy Field

Traditional Versus Modern Gifts for the 5th Year Anniversary

The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates to the times of the Holy Roman Empire, when wives received a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary from their...