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Article: The Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

The Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

Gold Rose Flower surrounded by red roses in bouquet

An anniversary celebration is never complete without flowers. Like other anniversary gifts, anniversary flower gifts by year each have special meaning. Work and wedding anniversaries are celebrated with the same symbolic flower gifts each anniversary year, with meanings applied according to occasion, such as time on a job or time in a marriage.

Whether you are shopping for wedding anniversary flowers, work anniversary flowers, or flowers to commemorate any other type of anniversary, the chart below will help you pick the perfect flower gift for each year. 

Year, Flower, and Meaning

  • 1st, CarnationPassion, liveliness, optimism
  • 2nd, Lily of the ValleyPurety, modesty, devotion
  • 3rd, Sunflowers: Strength, warmth, fidelity
  • 4th, Hydrangea: Gratitude for each other and for the marriage
  • 5th, Daisy: Strength and fidelity 
  • 6th, Calla lily: Growth of love
  • 7th, Freesia: Friendship in love, trust
  • 8th, Lilac: Rebirth, reflection of first years in love
  • 9th, Bird of ParadiseMagnificence, exploration, anticipation of what is to come
  • 10th, DaffodilPresented in a bunch, symbolic of memories made together'
  • 11th, Tulip: Devotion, as couple enters their second decade together
  • 12th, Peony: Intracacy of marriage, elegance, beauty
  • 13th, Chrysanthemum: Abundance in love and life, luck
  • 14th, Orchids: Maturity, mutual understanding
  • 15th, Roses: Love’s perfection, sensual romance
  • 20th, Aster: Sophistication, wisdom, prosperity
  • 25th, Iris: Luxury, celebrating many years, promising many more
  • 30th, Lily: Pride of years together, devotion
  • 40th, Gladioloa: Remembrance of years spent together
  • 50th, Yellow rose and violet: Remembrance of two lives as one, humility and faith


Anniversaries are the perfect time to reflect on years past and on the future. Combine flower gifts for anniversaries with other symbolic anniversary gifts by year to show someone your appreciation for them today and for years to come.

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