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1st Year Anniversary Gift Idea and Tradition

The first anniversary of their wedding is a special event in the life of any couple. Those who love them will likely want to purchase a gift to help celebrate this important occasion. If history is any indication, that gift will have something to do with paper.

Pocket Clock

How Paper Came to Represent the First Anniversary

Paper has two symbolic meanings when it comes to gifts for couples celebrating their first anniversary. The first has to do with the similarity between paper and a blank canvas. This symbolizes the fact that the future of the couple remains unknown because they have yet to write it. They must work together to create their own unique story over the many years of marriage still ahead.

The second way in which paper associates with the first wedding anniversary is that it’s easy to tear it. This is similar to the new relationship, which means the couple must hold onto their faith and trust in each other during any challenges in the future.

Modern Traditions for the First Year Anniversary Gift

While paper-related gifts remain a popular gift for couples celebrating their first anniversary, the tradition has expanded to include clock-based gifts. A clock symbolizes love’s timeless nature and can come in the form of an alarm clock, egg timer, outdoor sundial, or other gift that reflects time in some way.

Of course, gift givers can think beyond paper and clocks. Some other traditional gifts for this anniversary include a book, stationery, calendar, jigsaw puzzle, or paperweight. Popular modern gifts include the timepieces described above along with gold jewelry, a flower-based gift, and pearl jewelry.

Floral Theme for the First Anniversary

Flowers associated with the first anniversary include carnations, orange blossoms, pansies, or roses in gold or yellow. The carnation represents new love and passion while orange blossoms symbolize fruitfulness, purity, and truth. A gift of pansies demonstrates thoughtfulness and the rose represents eternal love. The yellow and gold color go with the color scheme of this anniversary. Lastly, gift givers may wish to consider that the gemstone of the first anniversary is golden jewelry and the alternate stone is pearl or peridot.


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