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Article: 7 Things Women Want from Men

7 Things Women Want from Men

What a woman really wants is a million dollar question that attracts many men around the globe. To be clear, no one actually knows what specifically a woman requires, and the topic is more like a mystery until now. However, there are few of the characteristics that are quite common and are generally observed with most of them. Excited to know what they are? Let's read it out.

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1. Honesty

Well, this is a significant term. If you are a man and want to know what your woman really wants from you, consider honesty as one of the points. Most of the women around the world want their man to be the one who does not believe is unnecessarily molding of the words and keep himself away from the lies. (Not possible in most of the cases as men will be men)

2. Empathy

A woman wants her man to be the one who carries the empathy factor, that is, can understand her and her feelings. As per women if a man misses the empathy, how can he fit the relationship and can move the things forward. It will be more like being single or dating the self alone.

3. Self-Love

Self-love is important as the person who has no care for himself, how can he take the responsibility of the other person. This characteristic goes equally for both men and women as you can't love anyone if you have no love for yourself. Appreciating self is a significant thing to find someone who can appreciate you in return.

4. Sexual Connection

Women love this part only when it has its connections with the emotional elements. For getting closer to the woman, you need to understand her and her deepest feelings to establish the bond. Women specifically hate the men who pretend to be something else to misuse them. Contrary, they desire men who can get connected with their soul and hold their hand when their sentiments stuck.

5. Romance

Often men confuse romance with the sexual terms. Romance is something about making your partner feel special with the things like taking her on a long drive, arranging the dinner, going for a bowl dance together, etc. Women love the men with ultimate romance skills and enjoy their company for long hours.(Someone like Peter Abelard can do the wonders.)

6. Etiquettes

In many of the movies, we have seen the girls getting mad at the bad boys. Well, the fact does not hold true in the practical world. Majority of the women love their men to be the sophisticated person with the basic etiquettes. A woman feels blessed to have that man in her life that can open the car door for her and can pull the chair to give her a comfortable sitting in the restaurant

7. Surprises

Women love surprises, and if you want to make them feel special about you, include some of the surprises or gifts to lift their mood. Gifts always get connected with the emotional side of the women's personality and help them cherish the memories of care, trust, and togetherness.

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