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Gold and roses are two timeless gifts that cannot be underappreciated by your partner, wife or girlfriend. Gold and roses represent the figure of love that endures all odds, a fresh wine of love brewing for itself in a man’s heart, a symbol of beauty, passion and character. These two, however, have been totalled into a finely blended, creative and beautiful gold rose. This perfect blend would invoke emotions and unveils sincere love. The Love Picker has fitly chosen the 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose as a timeless symbol of splend our basking in the aura of love. This piece of gold will stand the test of time, break into the strands of memory because it has the aesthetic qualities to stand as a décor and be proud of forever.

The 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose from the Lover Picker breaks the infringement of time. This means that this quality gold rose can be presented or gifted at any time; be it Mother’s day or birthday or it is offered as a gift during convocation or graduation, or it is given to that special someone on Valentine. Our 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose is also an edge cutting option to consider for any Golden birthday anniversary or 50th Wedding Anniversary. The Love Picker’s 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose is a natural Rose dipped in 24 karats to ensure that the moment is kept golden for you. This timeless 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose was inspired by love, compassion and the affection that we have towards creating magical moments for you and your family, partner and friends. In all elegance and perfection, the 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose stands beyond the usual idea of love gifts, making it the most treasured kind of rose that could be offered.

Created with patience, guided steps and brilliance, our 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose has a brilliant texture, and a heart feeling fragrance. We carefully dipped into a pool of Gold while applying other treatments to ensure that it remains as natural as possible. We do not pick synthetic love items for our customers; instead, we improve natural roses like 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose to get the best quality you can find anywhere.

At Love Picker, we grow natural red roses; pick them when their colours have fully bloomed before dipping them in certified 24k gold. Our products have been designed to become monuments in your home, one of those treasured possessions you wouldn’t let out of your sight. Our products are known to be of high quality, and even 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose is perfectly designed and packaged to offer you the best opening moment expression you can ever find on your lover’s face.

Our 24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose will preserve your love, keep your warm heart cherished, rebuild burnt bridges and put a smile on her face.

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