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Article: 4 Signs That She Is In Love with You

4 Signs That She Is In Love with You

True Love

Are you in the dilemma where you think your special girl likes you or not? Do you often think why she looks into your eyes and then changes the view when you catch her in action? She likes me, or she likes me not, is a major thought that clocks your mind 24*7? Well, you are not alone as this is the problem with most of the guys. Here we have listed few signs that will help you indicate she equally likes you.


1. She Loves Listening To You

Have you observed her carefully listening to your talks and getting hypnotized at your face? Girls love to listen to the person they love and admire to look at them for hours. So, if your girl has the feeling something like that, congratulations it's a positive indication, and you should initiate towards her more.

2. She Hate It When You Discuss Other Girls

Are you jealous of that girl in my neighbor? Strange but true, girls never want their guy to discuss any other girl around. They want your complete uninterrupted focus with all your love and attention flooded to them. Have you observed the same with the girl you like? Well if not, try it, and you will get to know the effect.

3. Her Friends Keep Pulling Your Leg

Girls love to share their emotions with their best friends around. So if you feel your girl's best friends are commenting on her and pulling her leg with your name, be ready, it’s a good sign for you. Best friends have the basic habit to poke the person nervous in sharing the love emotions. So if you have observed this, it’s the time you should move forward and let her know your deepest feelings for her.

4. Her Plans Are No More Solo

If the girl you are talking with prefers to postpone her plans just to enjoy your company, understand she has some feelings for you in her heart. Girls love to share their special moments like holiday plans, family functions, weekend road trips, shopping, etc. with the person they love and if you are the one acting as the base in her plans, congratulations, the lucky guy is you.

Establishing the Perfect Bond

So when you have realized she has something for you in her heart, it comes the time when you should not delay anymore and move forward to connect the bond. Don't wait for her to come to you and say the three magical words of love, girls often feel shy and rarely take this step from their side.  Be the volunteer to propose her with roses and express your deepest feelings with a beautiful love note. It is quite understood you have written your feelings in the note, but try to say 'I Love You' looking confidently in her eyes. Remember to keep your approach gentle as the females understand the emotions more than the men and appreciate the genuine forms of expression.

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