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Engraving Phrases and Date Formatting for Personalizing

What to Engrave on your Gold Rose Gift

A few of our gold rose gifts have the option to personalize the rose box or plate. Here you can add a special phrase to your engraved rose box to make the gift even more meaningful. Although some people decide to only use a person's name or special date.

Engraved Box

The Love Picker team organized a short list of lovely phrases and date formatting when personalizing your gift. The examples below are some ideas to get you started if you decide to come up with a phrase. 


Engraved Phrase Examples:

  • Forever and Always
  • For My Love
  • I'll love you until it dies
  • My love will never stop for you
  • Forever My Angel
  • Love You Endlessly
  • You are my world
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Forever Through Whatever
  • I Love You More
  • A Symbol of our Love
  • My Sweetheart
  • My Whole Heart
  • My Love
  • Happy Valentines/Birthday/Anniversary
  • With Lots of Love
  • For My Queen

Date Formatting

It is not required to set up your Date a specific way. However, if you'd like a specific formatting for you date, then please refer to the recommendations below:

No Punctuation - The date order is: day, month, year (no punctuation)

  • 19 April 2008 (The media and United States reverse the order, i.e. April 19, 2009)
Dates as Numerals - Date order is: day, month, year separated by slashes or full stops 
  • 22.03.18 or 22/03/18

Decades - This date format is used when referring to a time span

  • 2006 - Forever