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Article: 12 Unique Romantic & Inexpensive Gift Ideas You Can Afford

12 Unique Romantic & Inexpensive Gift Ideas You Can Afford

Valentine's day is considered one of the most romantic days of the entire year. However, romance is interpreted differently for everyone. Regardless of your take on romance, it's worth celebrating with someone you love, especially with unique Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Valentine's Day Gift Box

For some people, Valentines isn’t the biggest occasion, but it wouldn’t hurt to spend at least one day of the year celebrating the love you have for someone. For those who aren’t too big on somewhat tacky traditions of red roses, and chocolates, then you will love the unique and affordable gift ideas we put together.

Usually the best gift ideas come from listening to someone in conversation, because they may have casually mentioned a potential gift. Since people aren’t always talking about gift ideas, we got you covered. For anyone that has hit a mind block and needs more gift ideas, we have come up with a list of unique Valentine’s day gifts you can actually afford. To be honest, not every gift idea listed is completely romantic, but we know your boo will love one of these gifts.

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12 Unique Gift Ideas You Can Actually Afford:


Mystical Fire

Mystical Fire

These magical colorful flames will tell the future of your relationship and bring you good fortune. Okay just kidding, but this is an amazing gift and could make for an amazing camping adventure with your loved one.


Nespresso CitiZ Original Espresso Machine by De'Longhi

Coffee Machine

Your loved one may be the coffee type, and if they are, then you know how important this next gift idea is. Even if they already have a coffee maker, this Nespresso will most likely be an upgrade to the current coffee status. If coffee isn’t your thing, then don’t worry we have many other ideas for you.


Multi-Color Candle

Rainbow Candle

This is another gift that isn’t directly romantic, unless you make it so. Imagine a delicious dinner under the flickering light of these rainbow candles!


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Ice Blue Instant Camera

Polaroid Camera

We really love this gift idea because it serves a specific function, plus the camera is pretty! This is a great way to have actual photos of your favorite memories.We know this will be a win with your loved one.



Wine Soaps

Hand Soap

If you have a Sunday brunch planned at your own home, these soaps add a refreshing splash to your morning. Surprise your loved one with a new set of wine soaps in your bathroom or kitchen area. These are all-natural vegan and gluten-free soaps, for that extra bragging power.


Back Me Up! Mobile Charger

Portable Phone Charger

Don’t worry about your phone dying during Valentine’s Day - this charger has you covered. It also comes in a variety of beautiful designs. Funciational, pretty, and we know she or he will love it.


Slipper Sock Fox Face Dreamy Babba


If you live in hot weather, then maybe this isn’t the ideal gift for you. But during sweater weather these slippers would make a cozy addition. Add a sweet and lovable touch to this V-day, with the sleepy dreamy fox face.


Crystal Solar System Ball

Crystal Ball

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for someone who loves astronomy, then you’ll like this gift idea. At under $30, this is a unique addition to a special night out with your loved one. If you are somewhere this Valentine’s day with a beautiful view of the stars, that might be a good time to present your Solar Crystal.


Love is Love Mug (Set of 2)


Love is love is love is love. Say it (and sip it!) proudly with this heart-warming ceramic mug set. These mugs feature stunning gold hearts, a gold rim, and each mug holds a heartfelt message within.



Gold Rose

Gold Dipped Rose

This is unique because its a simple twist on the traditional idea of roses on Valentine’s Day. These gold roses are picked at the peak of there bloom, and preserved in real certified gold. Each rose is real, and no two roses match. Each case comes with a heart-warming message, or custom name of your choice. This gift will last a lifetime, and is an extra romantic touch to any evening plans you may have.

What I Love About You by Me Book

Love Book

Open your heart with this little book that contains fill-in-the blank lines describing an aspect of your affection for a loved one. Sweet and personal, write out exactly what you love about a special someone. The nice thing about this gift is that it can be for a specific anniversary or just a collection of all the reasons you care for someone special.

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