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The Ultimate Guide for Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas

7 Things Women Want from Men

What a woman really wants is a million dollar question that attracts many men around the globe. To be clear, no one actually knows what specifically a woman requires, and the topic is more like a mystery until now. However, there are few of the characteristics that are quite common and are generally observed with most of them. Excited to know what they are? Let's read it out.

Adventure Romance

1. Honesty

Well, this is a significant term. If you are a man and want to know what your woman...

4th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Flower Bouquet

Flower Gifts for the 4th Anniversary 

Every year, when it's time to commemorate the wonderful relationship you have with your partner, it can get to be more and more difficult to come up with the perfect gift, that ideal way to tell her how much you care. Fortunately, there are some traditional suggestions for every marriage anniversary that can help narrow down your choices, and at least give you a starting point in your quest for the perfect gift. While you needn't be ruled by these traditional ideas, they can certainly help you get started. 


5 Step Guide to Redefine Your Love for Her

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Love is a special feeling that gives us the spark to live the life. Nowadays, with the hustles and bustles of busy routines, we often forget to show the loving gestures to our partner who cares for us the most. Little attention is always needed to show the gratitude for having each other in life; so why not plan for some special things that can bring a deep curve of the smile on your soulmate's face! Here we have few things that you can think about to let her feel special for...

The Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

Gold Rose Flower surrounded by red roses in bouquet

An anniversary celebration is never complete without flowers. Like other anniversary gifts, anniversary flower gifts by year each have special meaning. Work and wedding anniversaries are celebrated with the same symbolic flower gifts each anniversary year, with meanings applied according to occasion, such as time on a job or time in a marriage.

Whether you are shopping for wedding anniversary flowers, work anniversary flowers, or flowers to commemorate any other type of anniversary, the chart below will help you pick the...

Anniversary Gift Year-by-Year: Our Full Inspiration & Guide

Giving specific gifts to commemorate anniversary years likely began in Ancient Rome or Medieval Europe, but most evidence points to the tradition beginning in 18th-century Germany and Netherlands. German and Dutch culture have both celebrated the 25th and 50th anniversaries through gifts of silver and gold, mainly wreaths, since the 1700s. The tradition carried over into the UK during the Victorian era, when love matches for marriage became more common, eventually making its way to the United States with the colonization of the New World.

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