Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition Articles

5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition

The 5th year anniversary is a major milestone for any couple. It signifies that the couple has successfully moved past the honeymoon stage and built a solid foundation to stand on for many years to come. As such, it deserves to be celebrated properly and with the right gift for the occasion.

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Traditional Versus Modern Gifts for the 5th Year Anniversary

The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates to the times of the Holy Roman Empire, when wives received a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary from their...

3rd Year Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition

Third wedding anniversary gifts, flowers, and gemstones serve to symbolically remind couples of what the third year of marriage will bring.  Third year wedding anniversary symbols make great themes for décor and gifts when throwing a party to celebrate a couple’s third year together. A gift for your spouse that is reflective of third year milestones and uncertainties is a thoughtful beginning to what some experts call the most important milestone year of any marriage.

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Traditional Third Year Anniversary Gift: Leather

The desire to move on often sets in after three years of...

2nd Year Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition

The second wedding anniversary for a couple has been traditionally celebrated by an exchange of gifts made of cotton, while the more modern expression of second-year love is china, with each of these having its own specific relevance to the relationship.

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Traditional vs Modern 

Cotton is an interwoven fabric, highly durable in nature, and this is a reminder to the couple that their lives should also be tightly interwoven, so that their relationship can endure against all. Some possibilities might be: luxurious Egyptian cotton bedsheets and pillowcases, cotton tablecloth or placemats, His and Hers matching robes,...

1st Year Anniversary Gift Idea and Tradition

The first anniversary of their wedding is a special event in the life of any couple. Those who love them will likely want to purchase a gift to help celebrate this important occasion. If history is any indication, that gift will have something to do with paper.

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How Paper Came to Represent the First Anniversary

Paper has two symbolic meanings when it comes to gifts for couples celebrating their first anniversary. The first has to do with the similarity between paper and a blank canvas. This symbolizes the fact that the future of the couple remains...

7 Things Women Want from Men

What a woman really wants is a million dollar question that attracts many men around the globe. To be clear, no one actually knows what specifically a woman requires, and the topic is more like a mystery until now. However, there are few of the characteristics that are quite common and are generally observed with most of them. Excited to know what they are? Let's read it out.

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1. Honesty

Well, this is a significant term. If you are a man and want to know what your woman...