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Article: 4 Traditional 3rd Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - 2021

4 Traditional 3rd Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - 2021

The third wedding anniversary gift; flowers, and gemstones serve to symbolically remind couples of what the third year of marriage will bring. Third year wedding anniversary symbols make great themes for décor and gifts when throwing a party to celebrate a couple’s third year together. A gift for your spouse that is reflective of third year milestones and uncertainties is a thoughtful beginning to what some experts call the most important milestone year of any marriage.

Girl Holding Sunflower in sunflower field

Traditional Third Year Anniversary Gift: Leather

The desire to move on often sets in after three years of marriage as couples become used to each other’s daily habits and routines and the initial passion and infatuation begins to wear off.  As worn hide, leather symbolizes this comfort level, reminding couples not to let their relationship become worn and dried. Strong and durable, leather also serves as a reminder to protect the marriage.

Modern Third Year Anniversary Gift: Crystal or Glass

Besides the beauty and sophistication of crystal and glass gifts, glass and crystal remind the couple of the fragility of marriage in the third year. Habits, new children, and routine can kill passion in year three, and the three-year-itch is a commonly known pitfall to avoid. Crystal and glass gifts serve as a constant reminder to intentionally offer each other extra love and attention during this delicate year together.

Third Year Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl

Pearls are precious, rare finds and serve as a reminder of how precious the marriage is.

Flower for Third Anniversary Year: Sunflower

The sunflower represents fidelity, warmth, and a familiar bond. It is considered good luck and an offering of hope for long life, prosperity, and good things to come. Most importantly though, the sunflower shows warmth, reminding couples not only of their love for each other, but of the close friendship that has more fully developed by year three. Maintaining the romance may take some extra effort during this milestone year, but the sunflower will also serve as a reminder of a couple’s faithfulness towards each other, no matter what challenges the third year may bring.



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