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Article: 5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition

5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas and Tradition

The 5th year anniversary is a major milestone for any couple. It signifies that the couple has successfully moved past the honeymoon stage and built a solid foundation to stand on for many years to come. As such, it deserves to be celebrated properly and with the right gift for the occasion.

Daisy Field

Traditional Versus Modern Gifts for the 5th Year Anniversary

The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates to the times of the Holy Roman Empire, when wives received a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary from their husbands. Over the years, connections with particular types of gifts have been established for individual wedding anniversaries in English-speaking countries.

Traditional Gifts

The 5th year anniversary is traditionally connected with wood. Couples gift each other something made from wood to signify the strength and stability of their marriage. The pattern of fibers seen in a cut surface of wooden gift represents the couples’ shared memories as well as the experience they’ve gained together.

Married couples sometimes plant a tree to symbolize their undying love for each other on the occasion of their 5th year anniversary. Also popular are various romantic wooden gifts such as jewelry and music boxes, picture frames, keychains, rings, or photo books.

Modern Gifts

In recent years, more and more couples have been following the list of modern gifts for wedding anniversaries compiled by librarians at the Chicago Public Library's Information Center. According to this list, the modern theme for 5th year anniversary wedding gifts is silverware, which represents the clarity with which the couple sees each other after five years of marriage.

Naturally, the most common modern gift for the 5th year anniversary is a set of silverware, but anything made from silver or silver in color is acceptable as well, including jewelry, watches, various home décor items, and much more.

Other Themes for the 5th Year Anniversary

Apart from gift themes, wedding anniversaries also have a gemstone and flower associated with them. For the 5th year wedding anniversary, the gemstone is sapphire, which is typically blue and associated with royalty and romance.

The flower associated with the 5th year anniversary is the daisy, which is connected with love, freshness, fertility, and also motherhood and transformation—all of which are very relevant for any young married couple.

It’s worth noting that roses are seen as a universal substitute for all wedding flowers, including daisies. So, if your wedding anniversary falls on a date when daisies are impossible to find, you can purchase roses instead without any worries. After all, it’s the intention that matters the most.  


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