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Article: 8 Everlasting Wedding Gifts You'll Love Forever

8 Everlasting Wedding Gifts You'll Love Forever

Fine China Plates

When you receive an invitation to a wedding, you put a lot of time and thought into buying the perfect gift that will last throughout the lifetime of the engaged couple. Perhaps you are busy planning your own wedding and wonder what to include on your gift registries. After all, it is a lot of work to create a new home and you want to ensure that you register for practical and high-quality gifts as well as those with special meaning to you and your fiancé. Whichever position you find yourself in, you cannot go wrong purchasing or registering for the items described below.

Fine China

Fine China Cups

Fine china is one of those wedding gifts that truly never goes out of style. It might seem like the days of requesting a fancy set of dishes complete with saucers, side plates, and the kind of patterns that remind you of visiting your grandmother’s home would not be something that people would desire to have anymore. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It seems that most couples still enjoy having a nicer set of dishes that they don’t see every day or have to wash over and over again.

A Portable Casserole Dish

When a couple gets married and starts a new home together, they have officially joined the adult world. That means that others will occasionally expect them to make a dish at home and bring it to a family gathering, work party, or other type of event to share with other guests. Having a steel cast casserole dish with large handles for carrying comes in handy for just such a time.

This heavy-duty wedding gift will also be convenient at home when someone makes a large amount of food. Best of all, the most durable casserole dishes can be used for stovetop cooking or even placed inside of the oven for maximum versatility in cooking.

One or More Throw Blankets to Match the Couple’s Home Color Scheme

Of course, not all gifts have to be for the kitchen. Who doesn’t love a warm throw blanket to cuddle up with on a chilly day? If you are part of the couple getting married, be sure to specify the primary colors of your bedroom, living room, family room, or other places in the home where you think you would use one of these blankets. Another option is to request all neutral colors so the blanket can travel with you from room to room. When the blankets are not in use, they can drape across the back of a chair, bed, or couch for an added decoration.

Matching, Handcrafted Luggage Tags

Many newly-married couples leave for a honeymoon immediately after the wedding or at least within several days of it. What better way to show they are part of a couple and to help their suitcases stand out from hundreds of others than to gift them with customized and matching luggage tags? Every time the couple goes on a trip, they will think back to their wedding day and smile. They will also appreciate your practicality when they take their luggage to the airport and find it within seconds while other travelers search for theirs for a much longer time.

Barware for Those Special Romantic Nights

Barware Drink Glasses

Working, going to school, taking care of family, or a combination of all these things can make anyone long for a relaxing glass of wine after a long and hectic day. Just setting aside two special wine glasses will give the couple something to look forward to once the honeymoon is over and life settles into a busy but predictable routine. A corkscrew to open wine bottles would likely be a much appreciated gift as well.

Even couples who don’t have a dedicated bar at home might appreciate items like cocktail shakers or crystal decanters. It gives them the opportunity to get more creative when preparing their drinks, which in turn helps to create a more relaxed and playful mood.

Matching Plush Robes

Plush Robe

Not every gift has to be practical to be timeless and memorable. His and hers plush robes fall into this category. After a long work week, the couple can enjoy lounging on a weekend morning in their new robes while possibly snuggling up with one of their new plush blankets at the same time. Gift givers have many options to choose from including personalizing each robe with names, giving matching or complementary colors, and selecting from various type of material. When it comes to robes, keep in mind that softer is usually better.

A Picnic Basket or Hamper

Picnic Basket

Newlyweds love doing romantic activities together and going on a picnic fits the bill. When choosing a picnic basket or hamper for a gift, make sure that it is spacious, sturdy, and easy to carry. It should be large enough to fit the food inside as well as napkins, silverware, cups, and plates. A basket or hamper with separate compartments makes it easy to keep everything inside of it organized. A soft container for picnicking is much more portable than a hard plastic one and is easier to carry from car to picnic site as well.

Customized Engraved Box Complete with Rose

Gold Rose

Whether it’s a place to put their wedding rings at night, store other jewelry, or keep important papers, every couple could benefit from a sturdy wooden box to place their most valuable items. It makes the gift even more special when you engrave the box with the couple’s name and wedding date or a quote that you know has special meaning to them.

It also adds an extra romantic touch when the box includes a 24-karat gold rose to the side of the engraving. No matter what the couple chooses to place inside, they will be reminded of their love every time they look at the box.

Whether your gift is practical or romantic, your friends or family members will love it the most because it comes from you. You really cannot go wrong when you think of your gift-giving in this light.

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