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Article: 7th Year Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love

7th Year Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love

7th Year Anniversary Gift 

In the seventh year of marriage, there are some traditional and modern themes which can provide great ideas for surprising your loved one with the perfect expression of your caring. Add a personal touch by choosing styles and colors which appeal to you, and to your partner.

Copper Set Gift

Traditional Theme

At the traditional end of the spectrum, seventh year gift ideas often include copper for U.S. partners and wool for those in the United Kingdom. Copper expresses some wonderful ideals, such as beauty, strength, flexibility, and passion, all of which are excellent qualities to share after seven years.

Wool on the other hand, signifies the warmth and security that a couple finds in each other, enjoying a stable relationship which has all the essentials for long-term mutual affection and support. Some suggestions for traditional-style gifts include copper goblets, vases, figurines, sculptures, or mugs. Wool gift ideas might include gloves, rugs, blankets, or sweaters.

Modern Theme

The modern anniversary themes which represent seven years of wedded bliss are desk sets and objects made of brass. Brass is a metal signifying beauty, durability, and Biblical goodness, making it appropriate for relationships having endured seven years already. A desk set carries the  connotation of commitment, as well as harmonious integration with emotional and physical surroundings. Some desk set ideas might be for bowls, bookends, clocks, mugs, or flower vases. 

Anniversary Theme Accessories 

The jewelry stone which is symbolic of seven years of marital accomplishment is the onyx, with several excellent alternates being lapis lazuli, yellow sapphire, or copper. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings would all make excellent onyx gifts to present to your partner. 

Freesia is an appropriate floral theme, as is either white or yellow rose, or jack-in-the-pulpit. To emphasize the flower theme, you might purchase a lovely floral arrangement of one of the themed selections, or you could choose scented perfumes, body washes, candles, or even art prints depicting any of the theme flowers.


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